Sunday, April 26, 2009


A little boy is going to school when he is stopped by a stranger. The stranger tells the little boy, when his teacher asks him why he is late, just say willytop. The boy looks at the stranger oddly, but proceeds to go to school.

He arrives five minutes late, and his teacher isn’t that happy. His teacher asks him why he is late. All the boy says is willytop. The teacher looks at him horrified, and sends him to the office.

The boy arrives in the principal’s office, and the principal asks him why he was sent down. All the boy said was willytop. The Principal was so horrified that he expelled the boy from school.

The boy went home, to find his parents in the living. They told the boy they knew he was expelled, but they wanted to know why. All the boy said was willytop. The parents were so horrified by this that they kicked him out of the house.

The boy is now walking to dark town streets, when he is stopped by a cop. The cop asks him why he is walking the streets alone. All the boy says is willytop. The cop is so disgusted, that he kicks the boy out of town.

The boy is now sitting in a bar, and the bartender asks him why he is alone. All the boy said was willytop. The bartender looked at him horrified, but before the bartender could say anything, the boy says “Please sir, I was kicked out of school, my house, and even my hometown because of willytop. What does it mean sir?” The bartender nods, and tells the boy to come with him across the street, because if he tells him in the bar, the other people may get mad.

The boy and the bartender are across the street from the bar. The bartender opens his mouth, but before he could speak, a drunk driver hits them both.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Star Trash: Collapse Flash Arcade Game

Destroy the Ultimate Spaceship Bomb before the countdown finish and blow up the entire universe.

Friday, March 27, 2009

One day old man Stumpy and his wife Martha went to the Illinois State Fair. There is this man selling plane rides in his single prop show plane for $10 per person. Stumpy looks to Martha and says, "Martha, I think I really should try that." Martha replies, "I know you want to Stumpy, but we have a lot of bills, and you know the money is tight, and $10 is $10." So Stumpy goes without. Over the next few years they return every year, and the same thing, Stumpy wants to ride, but Martha says no money.
Finally, when Stumpy and Martha are both about 70 years old, Stumpy looks to Martha, and says, "Martha, I'm 70 now, and I don't know if I'll ever get the chance again, so I just have to be naughty and have a ride in that there airplane." Martha replies in the same old fashion, and Stumpy kind of slumps down. The pilot is standing near by and overhears the conversation...

The pilot pipes up, "Excuse me folks, I couldn't help but hear your situation, and I have a deal for you. I'll take both of you up together, and if you can both make the entire trip without saying a word, or even making the slightest sound, I'll give the ride for free. But if either of you make a sound, its $10 each." Well, Martha and Stumpy look at each other, and agree to take the ride.

The pilot takes them up, and starts to do loop de loops, twists, dives, climbs and spins. No sound. The pilot lands the plane, looks back at Stumpy and says, "Sir, I have to hand it to ya, you didn't make even the slightest sound and that was my best stuff." Stumpy looks back at the pilot and says, "Well, I was gonna say something when Martha fell out, but $10 is $10!"